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About Cleo

I first trained 27 years ago while working in Hostels for the Homeless in Bristol. I was aware how touch deprived the unloved, mentally ill or displaced were within our society. I looked around and saw a whole portion of society from the rich to the poor who are unable to reach out and touch or be touched. They live in fear. We live in fear of touch being misinterpreted or unclear.

I travelled and lived in Japan and South East Asia where children are taught to massage grandma’s neck, shoulders and feet from early in their lives. It’s part of life. To rub and sooth the aches of the day away. To allow the intrusive stressors of the day to melt away. To turn off the brain and remember how being relaxed feels. To heal, or at least to let healing begin. If your body is in perpetual stress , it will not recover so well each day. It will still heal but your body and mind is going to work harder at staying well.

As a qualified Massage and Bodywork Practitioner, registered with the Massage Training Institute (MTI) since 2013 and with an ITEC diploma since 1990, I have a growing practice in the glorious Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. It is a lovely space, shared with two other professional therapists, we are open Monday to Saturday with flexible working conditions. In today’s life of work, family and time pressured lifestyles massage is a perfect way to rest and spend a little time in the moment. It is rare to find this when we are always thinking of the next thing we must do. Massage and bodywork is a great way of stealing those moments for you.

Massage and Bodywork has wonderful benefits such relaxing tired muscles, warming and stretching cold and stiff muscles, softening and relaxing the aches and pains which creep up on us unannounced. It has benefits for all ages and for most conditions. It can help improve circulation, improve posture or remind your muscles of how they work best, and improve tone. These are only a few benefits of massage, the most important is that it feels wonderful.

I am now assisting on the massage training course with BCMB ( Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork) at the Fold in Bransford, near Worcester. The course is a really thorough exploration into massage and truly holistic body work. It assumes that no one body is the same. It really isn’t. We are unique and need to be massaged as such.

What I charge

Initial Consultation (with massage) £45*

60 Minute Appointment £45*

90 Minute Appointment £60*

* All subject to discounts for low incomes.

Contact Cleo

You can contact me on 07969 178027